“Going, Going, Gone!”

The second annual Sally L. Palmer Music Studio Auction is just around the corner and the MU$IC MONEY is being collected for the main event!

All through the year students can earn MU$IC MONEY to save up for the auction. At the beginning of the year, all students set goals with a certain $$$ amount attached to the accomplishment of each goal. Here are some examples:

  • Write a report on a composer = $500
  • Memorize & perform all 12 major scales, 3 octaves = $200
  • Attend extracurricular music events, i.e., concerts, plays = $200 / per event
  • Participate in the Federation Festival = $200 per event entered

Those are just a few of the goals students can set.

Other ways to earn MU$IC MONEY:

  • Increase in rank and chapter on PIANO MAESTRO
  • Complete scales on DRAGON SCALES
  • Increase points on FLASHNOTE DERBY
  • Read and do activities in PIANO EXPLORER
  • Receiving a BEST LESSON coupon
  • Receiving a TEN TERRIFIC LESSONS certificate

Also included are the little surprises, such as good finger position, great posture on the piano, sightreading, knowing the answers to the questions asked by the teacher, having a great attitude.

Some of the items we have up for auction this year are:

  • The ever so coveted GIFT CARDS for movies, restaurants, music, books, etc.
  • A 60-pack of gel pens
  • A dancing robot
  • Music puzzles
  • Games
  • . . . and much, much more!

Last year’s first auction was a blast – we had so much fun!!! Especially the bidding war over the Star Wars Darth Maul action figure! We expect to have the same amount of fun this year. Congratulations to all of the students who have worked so hard to earn the MU$IC MONEY needed for the auction. As of print date, the most money earned is $13,800, but there are about 5 students battling it out to overtake that amount!